A New Drupal Installation Profile and Theme

Posted: July 3, 2014 under Drupal, Projects

I've been working on a Drupal 7 installation profile and accompanying theme for the past couple months (demo site here). Both the profile and the theme are meant to be "starter kits" for designers and frontend developers when working on Drupal projects.

Prometheus and Atlas - the profile and theme, respectively -  are where most of my Drupal projects start these days. They represent an approach that works well for me, saves loads of time and takes advantage of a lot of the contemporary frontend tools and tricks. While they aren't completely done - lots of stuff on the margins to take care of - they are in good enough shape to share, get some feedback on and hopefully find a collaborator or two.

A few quick notes:

  • Atlas uses Sass and Compass.
  • Zero support for IE8 and below, but you can add it if you need it.
  • Responsive grid approach explained best by this post from Chris Coyier.
  • Prometheus uses Features for adding config and content to the installation profile.

You can find Prometheus on GitHub, and Atlas is on both GitHub and Drupal.org. I'd like to see Atlas as a full project on d.o sometime soon. More documentation is coming as I get farther along with the projects, but a brief write up of why I've created these projects can be read on the front page of the demo site.

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