Know a Good Freelance Designer?

My search for a suitable freelance web designer to assist with a couple of upcoming projects has thus far come up empty. To help things along, I thought I'd put out an appeal here on the blog and see if any recommendations come in.

The most important requirement is quality of work. I'm looking for someone with a clean, contemporary design aesthetic. To clarify, a style of design that has ample white space, attention to typography and avoids skeuomorphic elements. Something not quite minimalist, but tending in that direction.

Familiarity with mobile-first responsive design is strongly preferred. Also, no agencies or overseas folks. I think the logistics of an overseas collaboration would be too much of a hassle, as sitting in on client meetings will likely be required. Canadians are great as time zone and cultural context aren't an issue.

Finally, a squared away and responsible person who meets deadlines is also highly desirable. That probably goes without saying, but if you know a great designer who is a flake, they probably aren't a good fit in this instance.

So, do you know anyone? If so, please let me know.

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John Hannah

I’m John Hannah, a front end developer at Lullabot . When I'm not building websites, I travel as much as possible and enjoy hanging out with my wonderful family. My favorite place to spend my coffee breaks is Twitter, so please feel free to connect with me there.