About John Hannah

John Hannah, Drupal theme designer

I’m John Hannah, the guy behind Friendly Machine. I'm a front-end developer who specializes in working with Drupal websites. I got my first gig as a web developer in 2000. Prior to that I'd been making websites on the weekends while teaching myself HTML and JavaScript.

The first platform I used to build web applications was ColdFusion, something I went on to earn a certification in. After a couple of years I saw that ColdFusion didn't have a great future and moved to ASP .NET. I programmed in C#, adopted object-oriented programming and was generally happy with things until the university where I worked migrated to Drupal.

In the course of building my first Drupal website in the spring of 2008, I added PHP to my bag of tricks and became a big fan of open source software. I've been working with Drupal ever since, primarily as a theme developer and Drupal architect.

I'm currently employed with Woodward Design Group, a Drupal shop based in Chico, California. I take on occasional side projects, so if you'd like to work with me, send me a note so we can chat about how I might be able to help out. If you'd just like to keep in touch, Twitter is where I like to spend my coffee breaks.